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Ancient Order Of ICE Dragons - An Online Gamers Community.

Ice Dragons Guild Charter


We seek only the highest caliber individuals to be part of our community. All members are required to treat other gamers with basic respect, until they are deemed unworthy of such. We seek to enjoy online games to their fullest capacity, but never at the expense of other gamers.


The Ancient Order of ICE dragons.


Was founded by a group of online gaming friends in 1998; the guild has existed in many worlds since its inception. Currently our most active worlds include Dark Age of Camelot (Lancelot server; Albion realm) and Star Wars Galaxies (Bloodfin galaxy), however, we continue to have members in Ultima Online, Anarchy Online, Shadowbane, Merridian59, WOW and EVE online. We encourage ICE Dragons of every origin to seek out the dragons in their world and bring the way of the ICE Dragon to their community. We more commonly refer to our organization as a community, rather than a guild, as a guild is limited to a game world and rarely encourages its members to explore new worlds together. If you are an active member, in good standing, in one game world, you are welcome and considered an ICE Dragon in others you travel to provided we have an offical presence in the world.


A Choice! A Voice!!.

Each game world has a games master who is in charge of the guild in that world, this master is to be elected by the majority of the membership in that game. No member not active in the game in question should exercise a vote in such matters, as these are game politics best left to those who will be directly effected by them. All members are encouraged to vote when electing a new games master or installing one for the first time in a game world. Although all items effecting the guild will not be subject to vote as this would take an excessive amount of time and effort from individuals, voicing your choice for the games master will enable you to have influence in how the guild is managed in your world. The games master can also be voted out by having an ancient member petition for a vote; if a majority vote yes for a new election one will take place. The ancient bringing the request has the burden of showing just cause for the new election.


Chain of Command.

The games master is fully in charge of their gaming world, once voted in. Ancient Dragons are among the oldest, most loyal members of the guild held in highest regard, they can be appointed by either a games master or an existing Ancient. All other ranks within a game will be determined by the games master, based on the interface and necessity of their game world. Games masters have the ability to appoint officers to serve in different roles within the game as they see fit, keeping in mind, a game officer also has no influence in other worlds. If a games master chooses to step down after a term of service, they are automatically given Ancient status..


What is ICE?.

I ntegrity Dragons display honor, loyalty and friendship.

C ourage Dragons fear no one and no thing.

E xcellence Dragons are winners and contribute their knowlege to the greater good of the guild.


Although rules and regulations are minimal in the ICE community, there are some basic characteristics we hold members to in every game world. Integrity is to display honor and loyalty. We are not greed or grief players, live and let live is how we play. Should an outsider cross the line of appropriate behavior, however, we will not back down. We do not tell others how to play their game, but will not tolerate others telling us how to play ours. Dragons are not cowards. A dragon will charge, sword drawn, into the thickest battle without question if so ordered. This is a virtual world, a Dragon has the intellegence to recognize that no physical harm will come unto them for a virtual wound. Dragons heal fast. We strive to experience all areas of game play, and encourage our members to find what aspect of their world entices them the most. All Dragons are experts at some one thing, sharing that expertise is being a community. What you know about strategy or tactics, your mate may not, it is the responsibility of every dragon to increase the knowledge of group. Share your knowledge, for knowlege truly is wealth.

Code of Honor.

ICE Dragons of all worlds will agree to and maintain a code of ethics at all times. This code shall always put guild before personal gain or interest. Communication within the community, be it in the form of posts on our private forums, through our private ventrillo channel, or in game guild chats or chat groups, will remain within the community. Passing any form of information outside of the community about the guild or its members, regardless of the effects, will be means for immediate removal and banishment from the guild. Unless, it is your own publication.

Membership is not limited to the confines of a world, a member is welcome to participate as a member in any world they travel to, provided ICE has a presence in that world. Members may not concurrently be pledged or members of any other guild in the same game, realm or server where the ICE Dragons hold an official presence.